About Sureswivel

SUREswivel™ is a grass roots company based out of Yuba City, California, with your pet’s safety and comfort our number one priority.

The inspiration behind SUREswivel™ was our two year old Bengal Cat named Taz. We love his aggressive and fearless nature, but it was constantly putting him at risk. In order for him to be allowed outside, we had no other option but to tether him. But every tie-out that money could buy would tangle in minutes and he would escape, putting his life in danger. SUREswivel™ has made it possible for Taz to be a greater part of our lives when we are enjoying the outdoors. Your pet will feel little to no tension and a smooth 360 degree freedom of movement. When those situations arise where tethering is the only safe option, SUREswivel™ is the most responsible option.

SUREswivel™ offers its customers products with unmatched quality and performance. You can rest assured that your pet will be safe and comfortable when they are using the SUREswivel™ pet anchoring system.