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SUREswivel on Good Day Sacramento!

Posted by Ashley Fritz on

On Sunday we had the opportunity to drive down to the Good Day Sacramento studio and do a live segment about the SUREswivel!  It was such a great opportunity and we are big fans of Good Day, so to say we were excited (and a tad bit nervous) would be an understatement!

From the moment we got there everyone from security, to the production assistants, the camera man, and host Cody were so welcoming and friendly!

We were schedule to go on air at 10:15.  At about 10:11 Cody came outside to where we were set up and without warning started filming!  We had barely finished setting up.  That’s live TV for you!  The interview went off without a hitch, well if you don’t count Boomer the dog wrapping himself around the camera man’s legs and plopping down on his feet.  After shooting a, help me I’m about to fall, look our way (as Carol and Cody chatted away) Brian came to his rescue.  Disaster adverted!

It was great day and we all really enjoyed the opportunity to share the SUREswivel story!

Getting a close up of the unique swiveling feature
of the SUREswivel tie-out!
In case you missed it here is the clip:

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